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You can reach a major segment of your community advertising at Free Rental Finder.

Maximize the return on your advertising dollars by reaching potential customers at an important time – when they are in transition. People are most likely to change buying patterns when they move.

Rental Fact: The 2010 U.S. Census estimates show that 34.6% of the housing units in the United States are rentals. See the estimates below:

Occupied housing units

Owner-occupied housing units

Renter-occupied housing units

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Free Rental Finder provides these advertising opportunities:

  • Advertise your rental property on our website, which has an active following that began in 2005. In addition, we advertise your rentals on our Facebook page for the Billings area, as well as professional real estate websites Trulia and Zillow. Advertising cost is $16 per week. See our landlord page for details.
  • Feature your rental property on the Billings area home page or category pages to gain extra exposure for your rental. Category pages include vacation rentals, retirement living, and affordable housing. Featured listings typically double the amount of traffic you receive on your rental listing. Featured cost is $9 per week when space is available. This is in addition to your advertising cost noted above.
  • Promote your business to residents moving or vacationing in the area. Your ad rotates randomly on the right side of all pages of our rental marketplaces. We also provide a sponsor directory under our information link at top. We will design your ad as long as you commit to 3 months of advertising. Cost is $42 per month.

If you are interested or want more information on advertising, call Jim Adamek at
(406) 245-0221 or toll free at (888) 499-4099.

Take advantage of advertising opportunities

  • Promote your business among residents moving in the Billings area.
  • Promote your business with vacation travelers coming to the Billings area.

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We invite you to contact Free Rental Finder to market your business in any of our rental markeplaces or call us at (406) 245-0221 or toll free at (888) 499-4099.

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