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FRF had all the important info on the apartments

We found our last two apartments with Free Rental Finder. FRF had all the important info on the apartments, pics, and maps. We were pretty sure we liked the apartments before we even saw them. It saved us a lot of time driving around viewing apartments.
– Aononymous

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Online Tenant Screening

Manage your rental applications online. Receive credit report and score, 44 state criminal background check, and 50 state eviction history on each rental applicant.

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Online Rental Application and Tenant Screening

Now you can automate your screening process with an online rental application and/or credit, criminal and eviction reports. You can also designate the applicant(s) as payor of the $30 screening fee.

When you opt for an online application, each property is tracked by the address. Create a new application link in FRF dashboard and enter the property address in your rental app description. Online applications are viewable in your RentSpree dashboard.

The screening reports include a credit report and score with a soft pull that does not effect tenant’s credit score, 44 state criminal background check, and 50 state eviction history. (see sample)

The information on this page shows you various ways to integrate online screening with your rental business.

Cost to applicant: $30.00

Tenant Screening Resources

We have a whole page of tenant screening resources in your FRF dashboard for effective options in screening your prospective tenants. On this page we are proud to introduce our newest service partner, RentSpree.

Screening Tools in One Dashboard

Let us describe two ways you can implement online rental applications along with credit and background reports at no cost to you and $30 payable by each rental applicant (must designate that option). In both cases copy your LeaseLink and paste into a new application link saved in your FRF dashboard named with property address.


If your rental policy states you will select the best qualified applicant, you can turn on only the free Rental Application in your screening options for each property. When you have reviewed applicants in your RentSpree dashboard, then go back into your screening options, turn off Rental Application and turn on Credit and background reports. Then simply text or email a request to your prospective tenant (first option shown in image above) to authorize and pay for their reports which will become available in your RentSpree dashboard.

If your rental policy states you will select the first qualified applicant, turn on the free Rental Application AND the Credit and background reports in your screening options for each property. RentSpree will then prompt all applicant(s) to complete rental application and purchase background screening reports for their application. Then you will have all the information in your RentSpree dashboard to screen and make your acceptance and FCRA compliant denial decisions.

In the scenarios above you will normally view the credit and background of either the first or best applicants. For applicants you do not consider, they will receive a refund of their screening fee if you do not view their screening reports within 30 days.

View sample credit report and score, 44 state criminal background check, and 50 state eviction history.

In addition, you can opt to include requirement for renter’s insurance in your screening process. The renters will have the option to purchase renters insurance through RentSpree or upload proof of their own insurance policy. Cost ranges from $10 to $20 per month for a maximum liability of $100,000. Policies from RentSpree are issued through Assurant.

If you manage a high volume of rental applications, you can opt for RentSpree PRO at a cost of $10 per month for each person assigned to processing rental applications. This service includes automated reference checks and enables tenants to upload required materials for application such as driver’s license, pay stubs, or other documentation you may require.

If you prefer to continue using your own rental application you can still opt to use the RentSpree Credit and Background reports designating the $30 screening fee to your prospective applicant(s).

If you have more questions call Jim at (406) 245-0221 or contact RentSpree directly at (323) 515-7757.