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Learn rental criteriaLearn Rental Criteria Used on Rental Apps

One of the most common grievances we see is when renters are declined on a rental application and do not understand why. So we created this guide to walk you through the rental criteria used in the rental industry. We recommend this for first time renters or those struggling to get approved...

Renters insurance informationRenters Insurance Protects You from Losses

Many renters do not realize how much they can lose in the event of a fire, theft, or if someone is injured on their premises. Renters insurance safeguards your personal property and liability, and costs less than 50 cents per day. Get answers to frequently asked questions on renters insurance.

A Safe Home for Every Person

We identify strongly with the mission of New Story, the neighborhood to develop safe homes and communities for homeless people throughout the entire world.

Free Rental Finder has begun to support this mission, so you are partnering with us in this cause when you use our services. Thank you!

Please watch the video below that describes how we can help families that struggle to pay rent as a result of recent events.